Senate amends and passes AB 3142 to extend Acupuncture Board 4 years

AB3142 PASSED out of the Senate !

We did it! CalATMA was able to secure amendments in AB 3142 (Acupuncture Board Sunset) to extend the CAB’s sunset date to four years instead of two. This was possible because for the first time in our profession’s history, we spoke with ONE voice instead of many. After passing in the Assembly, The bill was amended and passed on the Senate floor today, with unanimous support.  -Unanimous!-  Now the bill goes back to the Assembly for concurrence on the amendments before heading to the Governor for Signature.

Legislative staff commented that CalATMA’s advocacy made the amendments and bill passage possible. CalATMA’s position letter coupled with hundreds of acupuncturists and students who sent unified messages to the Legislature, ensured that acupuncture’s voice was heard loudly in the Capitol. This is a monumental legislative victory. Thank you to all who helped make this possible. Look what we can achieve when we all work together and speak with one voice!Thank you again for all your hard work!