Peter Lecke, LAc, on joining CalATMA

I’ve been working with CalATMA here in San Diego and also traveling up north – to LA and, last weekend, Berkeley. I’ve helped organize two town halls and been to several of the steering committee meetings. I have watched closely what is said and done in meetings and the follow-through in between. I’m helping put more town halls on the books in Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and San Francisco.The primary focus right now is using funds to hire a lobbyist and to fund legislative change to address both the opportunities and core issues we face as a profession. The most pressing and immediate issue we face is an expected move organized by the Physical Therapy trade association to introduce DN legislation in Sacramento this January 2019. Please note: THE single, unified PT association with heavy support from THE single, unified national PT association.

California is about to become a critical battlegroundin Dry Needling regulation.

If you’re tired of people skirting the licensure laws and tired of other professions “creating the narrative” and making decisions for us and our profession, CalATMA is a group you should join or get behind! We have 12,000 acus in CA and only 2000 or so are actually part of any professional association. These 2000 acupuncturists are split up among 26 groups, most of which don’t even have the legal position – 501(c)(6) status – to lobby or take part in the political process!

This is why Assemblyman Evan Low (Chairman of the B&P committee) supported formation of CalATMA – a professional association for acupuncturists in CA to UNIFY the profession! He and other acupuncture-friendly legislators were unable to carry our message ANYWHERE because there were so many different groups and varying messages. Assemblyman Low brought together representatives from the various CA organizations to form a steering committee to unify CA organizations under one association; CalATMA is the result of this effort. CalATMA has already been working with several legislators in Sacramento along with a political consultant; we are hiring a lobbyist to represent us directly and, as mentioned before, it is not a moment too soon.

It is very likely the PT association will be able get legislation passed, starting in January 2019 with the next legislative session after midterm elections. They want to allow DN in the PT scope of practice. We need to be present and EFFECTIVE in the legislative process in Sacramento to to make sure we have input in any and all legislation relating to all types of acupuncture, including dry needling.

We must also create our own legislation to promote, protect, integrate, and grow our profession. Your membership dues and PAC donations will help us continue to fund powerful and effective representation in the legislative process – the primary way to make positive, lasting change for our profession!

This is why CalATMA has set a goal of adding an additional 500 members by the end of 2018. We will be up against a highly organized group of PTs claiming over 7000 members. Join here to make a difference and be a part of the only group formed specifically to be a unified voice for the profession and represent us all effectively and meaningfully in the legislative process: CalATMA Membership Page

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Peter Lecke L.Ac. is a California Acupuncture Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist; he is the owner of Three Pillars Acupuncture where he practices in San Diego. Peter has a BS in Human Services Management and earned an MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.