David Quackenbush updates California Acupuncture Board 6-14-2019

CalATMA’s Executive Director, David Quackenbush, updated the California Acupuncture Board on its trade organization activities and accomplishments today, Friday 6-14-2019, at the quarterly meeting of the CAB in Whittier, CA, hosted by SCUHS Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Ben Bodea, the Executive Officer of the CAB, announced that all 26 acupuncture organizations registered with the CAB had been invited to respond and present an update at this meeting. Only 3 responded to the invitation and only CalATMA showed up to present an update.

Quackenbush gave a brief history of the formation of the CalATMA steering committee, the legislative efforts and accomplishments of CalATMA in 2019, and the commitment CalATMA Board of Trustees to work with the CAB.

This CAB meeting was generously hosted by SCUHS on their beautiful campus. CalATMA was also invited to present briefs to the CAB on the topics of Dry Needling, Manual Therapy. Legislative Affairs director Neal Miller requested agenda items for future meetings on the topic of “bloodletting” and provided a brief history and description of the practice as written by professor Lorraine Wilcox.

Quackenbush informed the CAB that CalATMA had taken official positions to support AB 778 (Low) [Acupuncture Continuing Education], AB 779 (Low) [Acupuncture Place of Practice], and AB 888 (Low) [Non-pharmacological alternatives to opioid prescriptions], and also to oppose AB 1592 (Bonta) [injection therapy by athletic trainers].

He also announced the annual meeting of CalATMA on September 29, 2019, in Cupertino, CA. The PowerPoint slide show of for this presentation can be downloaded here:

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See the video on our YouTube channel at Watch on YouTube

2019년 6월 14일, Whittier, CA에서 Southern California University of Health Science(SCUHS)가 주관한 캘리포니아 아큐펑쳐 보드(CAB) 분기별 회의에서 통합협회 칼앗마의 상임이사 David Quackenbush는 그간 협회가 해온 활동들과 성과들을 보고하였습니다.

CAB의 상임이사 Ben Bodea는 보드에 등록된 총 26개의 한의협회를 초청하며 업데이트를 요청했습니다. 그 중 3개의 협회가 응답을 하였고, 오직 칼앗마만 발표를 위해 참석하였습니다.

Quackenbush는 칼앗마의 운영위원회(CalATMA Steering Committee)의 형성에 대한 간략한 역사와 2019년에 칼앗마의 노력과 성취 그리고 칼앗마 이사회(CalATMA Board of Trustees)는 보드와 함께 일할 것이라는 약속에대해 발표하였습니다.

이번 보드미팅은 아름다운 SCUHS의 캠퍼스에서 열렸습니다. 또한 칼앗마는 보드에 Dry Needling과 Manual Therapy에 관련된 의견을 위해 초청되기도 하였습니다. 입법위원회 대표 Neal Miller는 향후 회의에서 다룰 “사혈(Bloodletting)”에 관한 안건 사항들을 요청하고, Lorraine Wilcox 교수가 적은 간단한 역사와 서술을 제출하였습니다.

Quackenbush는 보드에 칼앗마는 AB 778 (Low) [Acupuncture Continuing Education], AB 779 (Low) [Acupuncture Place of Practice], AB 888 (Low) [Non-pharmacological alternatives to opioid prescriptions]를 공식적으로 지지하고, AB 1592 (Bonta) [Injection therapy by athletic trainers]는 반대한다고 알렸습니다.

그는 또한 다음 칼앗마의 정규 회의는 2019년 9월 29일 Cupertino, CA에서 개최될 것이라 공지하였습니다.

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