CalATMA Announces the Hiring of its Executive Director

The California Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Association (CalATMA) is pleased to announce the Hiring of its First Executive Director: Mr. David Quackenbush

Hiring a professional of Mr. Quackenbush’s caliber and track record of success makes CalATMA the only Acupuncture & TEAM association in CA with an experienced, professional Executive Director. For CalATMA, his projects will initially focus on resource development resulting in new programs, robust continuing education opportunities, continued growth in membership, and stronger legislative and advocacy campaigns and initiatives.

Meet our New Executive Director:

David Quackenbush is a seasoned nonprofit association executive with a 20 year track record of success advocating for health care providers throughout the State of California. David has been executive staff and consultant to statewide and regional associations who have had a consistent presence in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

As a Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, and Chief Strategy Officer, David has been the

spokesperson for membership organizations providing leadership on important practice issues and advocating for the inclusion of health care providers in the managed care delivery system.

David has led organizations through initial development, growth and reorganizations resulting in expanded membership, revenues and staff capacity to fulfill the organizational mission. David has guided multiple membership organizations as part of the Executive Team providing strategic visioning and leadership development. David has led the development, execution and communication of corporate success strategies and resource development resulting in new programs, robust continuing education opportunities and continuous growth in membership and revenues.

David has also been an active member in both national and statewide associations having served on Board of Directors, Executive Committee and numerous policy committees and task forces resulting in a keen understanding of association infrastructure, staffing and Board development. David has been a Governor appointee having served both the Governor Brown and Governor Schwarzenegger administrations.

David is a lifelong resident of Sacramento, California.

Founded in 2018 as the unifying voice for Acupuncturists in California, The

California Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Association (CalATMA) mission is to protect, promote, integrate, and advance the practice of acupuncture and traditional medicine, preserve the rights of the patients it serves and seek continuous improvement in the quality of patient treatment and care.