CalATMA’s Vision
and Mission statement

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CalATMA is an organization that unifies California acupuncturists to speak as one for legislative, political and social issues that affect our practitioners, our practice, and our patients.

The vision of CalATMA is to unify all the acupuncturists in California and make California a leader of the profession nationally.

The mission of CalATMA is to protect, promote, integrate, and advance the practice of acupuncture and traditional medicine, preserve the rights of the patients it serves and seek continuous improvement in the quality of patient treatment and care.

About Your CalATMA
Board Members

Rona Ma PhD, L.Ac

President, Executive Committee Chair

Dr. Rona Ma was a clinical faculty member at the Department of Integrative Medicine, an affiliate hospital of UCSF from January 2010 – August 2019. She is currently faculty member at the Department of Integrative Medicine of Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center from January 2015- present. She is also the owner of Peace Acupuncture Clinic from 1985 – present in the city of Fremont, CA. Dr. Rona Ma earned her M.D. in 1981 at Qingdao Medical College, Qingdao, Shandong, China. Her Internship from 1978 – 1980, was at the affiliated hospital of Qingdao Medical College, Qingdao, Shandong, China. She received her Acupuncture master’s degree at Beijing Acupuncture Institute (Hong Kong) in 1982. She obtained her California acupuncture licensure in 1985. She received a Fellow of orthopedics and traumatology from the American Institute of Acupuncture Orthopedics and Traumatology in 1997, She earned her PhD from American Global University in 2000.

Dr. Rona Ma is currently president of the California Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Association. Past president of American Society of Chinese Medicine from 2017-2019. The Vice Chair of the National Federation of Chinese TCM Organization. Vice chair of advisory committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. She is also the President of the Tri Valley China Love Foundation and the president of UCPCM from 2003 – 2006 and 2013 – 2014. For many years, Dr. Rona Ma was involved in both the United States and worldwide for legislation; to better promote and develop Chinese Medicine.

Key Bahk DAOM, LAc

Vice President, Membership Committee Chair

My name is Key Bahk, and I serve the Board of Trustee as a Vice President as to follow and abide the role specified in the Bylaw. I closely support the current leadership to provide better guidance for prospective plans toward achieving the mission of the CalATMA.
I also serve the Membership Committee by chairing to collaborate with other CalATMA committees in developing strategic plans to recruit California board licensed acupuncturists, students, and institutions to unify the professions to protect, promote, integrate and advance the practice of acupuncture and traditional medicine.

Scott Phelps DAOM, LAc

Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Scott Phelps is a licensed acupuncturist currently practicing in Northern California (Bay area) and provides acupuncture services for occupational health referrals as well as teaches at ACTCM and is an Integrative Medicine resident at Sutter Health in Oakland. He recently presented a research poster with a group from Highland hospital at the 2019 Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) conference. Scott is a board member and the current treasurer of the California Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Association and strives to elevate the acupuncture profession. His long-term goal is to help build a full-time Integrative Chinese medicine residency program where residents receive a stipend and after completion are ready for full integration clinically or can move toward a research pathway. Scott received his Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM) at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in 2008. After that he worked on cruise ships and then returned to the states and settled in Sedona, Arizona, where he started his own business and worked at a world-renown resort. He also volunteered at a local YMCA and taught qi-gong. After working at the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center in Phoenix for two years, he decided to move to California to complete the DAOM program at ACTCM. Scott enjoys gardening, hiking, and volunteering.

Victoria Tuan OMD, LAc

Secretary, PAC treasurer

Hi, my name is Victoria Tuan. I serve as the Secretary. I keep the minutes 
of the meetings of the Board of Trustees, see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws, keep 
corporate records, and in general perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the 

Eugene Park PAC, LAc

Board Member, Communications Committee

My name is Eugene Park. I am one of the eleven Board of Trustees. I joined the association to do something to help the acupuncture association. I especially like the idea of working together as a single cohesive acupuncture association regardless of ethnicity or background. As acupuncturists, the need to work together as a single professional unit is ever more important as the acupuncture profession tries to gain a foothold in the national medicare system.

I am currently managing the Communications Committee and will try to communicate pertinent information important to you in a timely fashion. If you would like to get involved with the association to advance the practice of acupuncture, you are welcome to join any one of the committees.

Neal Miller LAc

Board Member, Government and Legislative Affairs Committee

Neal Miller is a California licensed Acupuncturist.

He graduated from Emperor’s College (1987) and was NCCA Certified (1988). He has been practicing Acupuncture and Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Sherman Oaks, in Southern California since 1989. Neal interned and practiced with his teacher/mentor Dr Jin Lin Wang, MD(China) OMD, L.Ac. from 1984-2014.They specialized in treatment of patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS immune autoimmune virus and patients with cancer. Their success led to a double-blind placebo controlled randomly selected independently reviewed research project on their immune enhancing anti-viral formulas. Neal’s further postgraduate education includes being a Diplomat of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics (DNBAO) and MA-48 Certified in Acupuncture Ophthalmology. His Private practice included being the LA’s NFL Raiders acupuncturist and he has worked on 9 world champion boxers and several NBA players. Neal’s passion and success in the world of Acupuncture Government and Legislative Affairs (GLA) is legendary. He is most proud of writing and lobbying the successful adoption by the AMA of the original two Acupuncture CPT codes.

Other noted GLA accomplishments include:

  • California practitioners being physicians in the Workers Compensation System 
  • Preventing Kaiser doctors training and directing nurses to practice Acupuncture
  • Prohibiting Naturopathic Doctors (ND) from practicing acupuncture in California 
  • Attending 90% of California Acupuncture Board (CAB) meetings

Neal has served on Task forces for SCOPE OF PRACTICE, EDUCATION, CURRICULUM COMPETENCY, and as an advisor on the The Little Hoover Commission. Neal has established on record at the CAB meetings that manual therapy is ASIAN Massage and that Dry Needling is Acupuncture. It is not unprofessional conduct to advertise that you do manual therapy or Dry Needling. Neal is a member of many California Acupuncture Associations of different cultural origins. He has worked successfully for decades being a bridge celebrating unique diversity and GLA unity and sharing educational opportunities between the different associations. As Marilyn Allen states “Neal Miller has his fingers on the pulse on the political, governmental, and legislative affairs of the profession.” Neal was selected for CalATMA’s Steering Committee by Assemblyman Evan Low. Though Neal is a member of 5 different associations, he was chosen as an independent representing the silent majority of California practitioners who belong to no association. On the Steering committee he was chair of membership and GLA. Neal is the first founding lifetime member of CalATMA and was elected by the membership to serve on the Board of Trustees. Neal’s outside interests are golf and tai qi. He was a student of the famed James Wing Woo and has practiced daily since the 1970’s. He plays golf and is always up for a game when he can.

Tom Kehl DAOM, LAc

Board Member, Political Action Committee Chair

Dr. Kehl believes the future of Traditional Chinese Medicine depends on its ability to gain credibility in the medical field. This requires legitimate published clinical studies proving the efficacy of our treatments, it requires adequate compensation from insurance companies for our work, and it requires Residency programs that credential Acupuncturists to integrate into our hospital systems. We won’t get anywhere without legislators who understand and value the important job we do and stand up for the Acupuncture profession. You see we have so much work to do, for the Acupuncture profession to be taken seriously we need one strong united association to give us a common voice Dr. Kehl has been a licensed Acupuncturist for the last five years. While enrolled in the doctorate program at Five Branches University Dr. Kehl joined the first Integrative Medicine Residency for Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA. Dr. Kehl went on to become the first Chinese Medicine Chief Resident in a U.S. hospital and now works at Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, CA.

Farshid Namin MD(Iran), DAOM, LAc

Board Member, Chair of Education and Academic Committee

Dr Farshid Towfighi Namin, MD (Iran), MPH, DAOM, L.Ac had served as emergency medicine doctor in natural disasters and international conflicts for many years in United Nations and International Red Cross. Dr Namin received his Master and Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in California. His practice is located in the Los Angeles area, as California board licensed acupuncturist. Now he is working as Associate Academic Dean of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese and instructor of Nutrition, Pharmacology and Integrative Pharmacognosy courses. Dr Namin gladly serves as the Board of Trustees and Chair of Education and Academic Committee (EAC) of CalATMA.

Chung Chao (Jake) Huang

Board Member, Chair of Member Benefits and Medical Ethics Committee

Dr. Jake (Chung) Huang is a California licensed acupuncture practitioner since 2007 and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University. As the founder of Pine Spring Acupuncture Clinic, he concentrates on seasonal allergy, sports injuries and stress-mood disorders. In his free time, he enjoys time with family and karaoke. In addition, his passion toward photography, badminton and community services become his drive to volunteer in many local organizations.

Melody Lei Zhang

Board Member, Chair of General Affairs Committee

Melody Lei Zhang is a licensed acupuncturist with the State of California, and currently practicing in Fullerton of the Southern California area. Traditional Chinese Medicine is her passion. Utilizing traditional Chinese medicine, she supports her patients with their healing process, and she is committed to helping them through the path of their optimal health.

She is Vice Chairperson of the 1st Board of Specialty Committee of Sticking-Stirring Needle of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and president of Academy of Integrative Chinese Medicine and Pain Management. She is a CE instructor approved by California Acupuncture Board.

She has been teaching a professional management seminar twice a year, “Insurance billing and coding” and “Proper Medical Documentation”. These classes help other acupunctures who want to open their own clinic.

Her long-term goal is to make acupuncturists unite together and be better.

She started her own clinic in July 2007 and closed the same year because she did not do well that time. Then she worked with other doctors in an occupational treat team. She also volunteered to work at a local church clinic. She reopened her own clinic in January 2012. She joined CalATMA 2019 when she learned about CalATMA’s mission. She decided to join the CalATMA board in May 2020.

Along with running her practice and reading, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, music, dance, wine, great food, camping, skiing, and partying.

Onlai Cheang

Student Board Member, Student Committee Chair

Onlai Cheang is originally from Macau. She completed her undergraduate studies in Sociology and Anthropology at North Carolina, where she developed a profound interest in medicine from an anthropological perspective. After completing her undergraduate studies, Onlai commences her further education in acupuncture and oriental medicine. Currently she is pursuing a master in traditional oriental medicine at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. Onlai is enthusiastic in opportunities to promote oriental medicine and to incorporate the healing modalities of eastern and western medicine. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, volunteering, and travelling.


Membership Committee

The Membership committee is in charge of membership and all issues related to membership, including membership fees, proof of membership etc.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is in charge of all bank related issues and reporting to the board regularly and to the membership at the annual meeting the financial standing of the organization. The Finance Committee may also seek bids for services or other needs for the organization.

Government and Legislative Affairs Committee

Advocacy must be a core function of the Association. A strong association advocacy operation increases membership base. It is considered one of the strongest member benefits. Investing in a strong GLAC in building a multi-faceted operation supports efforts to recruit and maintain membership.

Communications Committee

Communications Committee is tasked with communicating news that pertains to acupuncture laws, profession, education, and industry in the state of California to its members. We aim to send a monthly newsletter with the latest legislative issues impacting the profession, upcoming continuing education courses, and any acupuncture profession related news items. This committee will utilize social media, website, and email as a communication platform. We are always looking for members who are passionate about the profession to help out by contributing a few hours a month in this endeavor. By working in this committee, you will grow professionally by practicing your writing skills, learn to work with others in a team and learn to use online tech programs.

Student Committee

The role of the student committee is to share and communicate opinions from the student body of various schools in California to CalATMA; to recruit student members to join CalATMA association and organize student events; to support and to engage with other CalATMA committees in order to provide academic needs and updated traditional medicine and acupuncture news to our student members; support our fellow committees; and to be present as a warm and welcoming public face to all members and our professional field.


The Steering Committee of CalATMA has approved its bylaws in two meetings on 7/8/2018 and 7/22/2018. See the CalATMA Bylaws here:

Meeting Minutes

Minutes to CalATMA Board meetings are available upon request. Please feel free to send us a message about this.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics